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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Winter Tours

What days do you offer snowmobile tours?

We operate 7 days a week with up to 3 tour times per day – we are open on all holidays and typically our season is from November 15th to April 15th.

What is the best way to book a snowmobile trip?

You can call us directly at 907-382-1050 to ensure you get the best tour set up for your trip. We prefer to do our reservations over the phone for snowmobile tours so we can best prepare our clients for the adventure ahead.

Do I need to be fit to drive the snowmobile?

We take out all abilities and levels! However, a certain level of fitness is required to operate the snowmobile, especially our Blue Ice Glacier Tour. We are happy to answer your specific questions on this.

Do I need experience riding a snowmobile?

We take people out for their first time all the time! The guides give a thorough safety speech and instruction at the start of the tour.

Will there be off trail riding on the tour?

Our tours stay on the trail as there are many off-trail obstacles such as open water, creek beds, large ditches, trees, uneven terrain, and mining equipment (on the Scenic Mountain Tour).

How fast do we go on the tour?

The guide picks the best speed depending on the group’s ability and terrain. Safety is our goal and will not leave anyone behind.

How safe is snowmobiling in Alaska?

We provide instructions at the beginning of each tour and the guide will set the pace of the adventure. Persons riding off trail or too fast could be subject to having “their keys pulled” and may have to continue the tour riding with their travel partners or the guide.

Are ice caves guaranteed on the Blue Ice Glacier Tour?

Safety is always at the forefront of our tour. Being able to access the caves is up to the guide and the conditions of the day. Don’t worry, there are beautiful blue ice backdrops we can get with other aspects of the glacier.

Will we walk on the glacier for the Blue Ice Glacier Tour?

We do not walk on the trail, but experience the beauty in the safest way possible that day.

Is the trail groomed?

The trail is groomed intermittently, however it is still a backcountry trail.  Be prepared for bumps and uneven terrain.

Do you provide winter gear?

We do, but recommend anyone coming to Alaska in the winter to consider picking up a winter coat and snow pants to increase your overall enjoyment of the Alaskan outdoors on your travels. We got you covered for gear if your trip is short!

Where can I get winter gear for my Alaska trip?

Plenty of online options, you want something that is insulated and waterproof. You can even pick up great gear at our grocery stores in Alaska, like Fred Meyer. We are happy to point you in the right direction. Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental and REI are both local stores that rent gear.

How do Alaskans dress in the winter?

Layers, layers, layers! Warm layers like fleece are best over cotton. Alaskans wear merino wool under their winter gear. A thick pair of wool socks is a MUST!

How do I drive in winter in Alaska?

Make sure you rent a vehicle with 4wd or all wheel drive with winter tires. In general we drive a bit slower in winter, and give more space between vehicles in case you need to brake.. Slow down before a curve, accelerate coming out of it. If you start to lose control, do NOT hit the brakes or over correct. Accelerate slightly and keep your eyes where you should be on the road. Too nervous to drive from Anchorage to Girdwood? We recommend using 4 Seasons Transportation 907-744-4946.

Should I stay in Anchorage or Girdwood?

Girdwood is a beautiful ski resort town, just a short drive from Anchorage. We recommend all of our guests to stay in Girdwood and check out what our small town has to offer over the big city of Anchorage.

Is snowmobiling good in Alaska?

YES! Snowmobiling in Alaska is as good as it gets – with a robust 8 month long riding season and terrain suitable for all experience levels you can’t go wrong with a snowmobile ride!

When can you snowmobile in Alaska?

The season can start as early as November 1st and can run well into May depending on the snowpack.

Can you snowmobile in Alaska in the summer?

Yes you can – it is limited to high alpine glaciers where you must access via a helicopter but it combines sightseeing and riding snowmobiles in one tour!

Can you snowmobile in Anchorage?

There are limited trails in the immediate Anchorage area but just 45 minutes south is the town of Girdwood where you can ride throughout the Chugach National Forest.

Does Alaska have snowmobile trails?

Yes – we have trail systems and trail clubs throughout the state but the majority of riding terrain is backcountry style where you make your own trail or need a guide.

How much is it to rent a snowmobile in Alaska?

Rentals vary depending on the snowmobile but trail sleds typically start at $275 per day and mountain sleds go for $350 per day. Rentals are for EXPERIENCED riders only with their own safety equipment, gear, and transportation.

What do Alaskans call snowmobiles?

Alaskans call them snowmachines, sleds or sno-go’s. They are quintessential to life up here and are used for transportation, businesses, schools, and everyday Alaskan activities.

What is the difference between a snowmobile and a snow machine?

The person riding it – it is the same thing and whatever you choose to call it we are excited to see more people riding sleds, snowmobiles or snowmachines!

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