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Glacier City Rafting & Hiking is excited to provide glacier rafting and hiking trips in the amazing Portage Valley throughout the Chugach National Forest. We specialize in small group adventures that are suitable for all experience levels and ages! Come take a raft, hike, or combine them both for an unforgettable Alaskan experience.

All of our trips are run by tenured guides with over 25 years of experience – your maximum enjoyment is our personal challenge and your safety is our utmost priority!

Don’t see the adventure you are looking for? Contact us and we can help set up a custom itinerary or point you in the right direction to some of our favorite Alaskan gems.

Portage Glacier Rafting

Glacier Raft


Glacier Raft & Hike

Help your guide paddle across the vast Portage Lake with dramatic mountain views leading to the reveal of Portage Glacier, or let the guide do all the work and sit back to relax! Choose an extended shore excursion or hike Portage Pass with views of the glacier and Prince William Sound.

Scenic Portage Raft
Scenic Portage


All levels, all ages adventure! Our float begins on the vast Portage Lake and weather depending, we will explore the lake before heading down the river. Occasionally, icebergs can be seen in the lake.

Portage Valley Hiking 23
Portage Valley


Portage Valley has evidence of a recent glacier recession. Your guide will give you an interpretative hike through forests, under the alpine glaciers, and around glacier blue ponds as we make our way to the vast Portage Lake.


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