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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Summer Tours

What days do you offer rafting and hiking trips?

We operate 7 days a week with up to 4 tour times per day and typically our season is from May 15th to September 15th.

How can I book a rafting and hiking trip?

The easiest way is to use our handy online booking system, however, if you want to talk to us feel free to call us at 907-382-1050 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How can I see glaciers from Anchorage?

The closest glaciers to Anchorage are in the Chugach National Forest just an hour south of Anchorage. To be able to access Portage Glacier our best trip is the Glacier Raft and Hike.

Does Alaska have good hiking?

Alaska has some of the best hiking in the world! Just outside of Anchorage you can hike with us to Portage Pass or the Byron Glacier Trail to get amazing mountain and glacier views.

Do I need to be an experienced hiker?

Our small group Alaksa adventures are suitable for all experience levels and ages!

When should I hike in Alaska?

The best months to hike in Alaska are June-October. May can still be too snowy on most trails!

How should I dress for an Alaska rafting and hiking trip?

Layers, layers and waterproof layers.  A rainy day in the Alaskan summer can be in the 50s, some fleece under layers and waterproof outer layers are important.  “Quickdry” pants are a great way to stay cool and dry off easily.

How long is the Portage Glacier hike?

The Portage Pass hike round trip takes 3-4 hrs depending on your guide’s ability and how much time you spend at the lakeshore taking in the glacier views!

What shoes should I bring for my summer Alaska trip?

Waterproof hiking shoes can take you anywhere you want to go in the Alaskan summer. Pair it with a light pair of wool socks and you are ready to take on any Alaskan trail!

Should I stay in Anchorage or Girdwood in the summer?

Girdwood is in a rainforest and lush green in the summer surrounded by mountains that rise up from sea level. The slower pace of the Girdwood compared to Anchorage is worth the stay.

Will there be bathrooms on my Alaskan rafting trip?

There are outhouses available at the beginning of the trip.

Do I need bear spray to go hiking in the Alaska?

Your guide will have bear spray and an air horn to keep you safe in the Alaskan wilderness.

Will I see moose and bear on the trails in Alaska?

It is called wildlife, not still life but moose and bear can be found throughout the Portage Valley.

Will I see salmon on my Alaskan rafting trip?

In the Portage Valley, salmon can be seen in the river from mid-August through late September.

Can you walk on the Portage Glacier?

It is not safe to access Portage Glacier without a guide who has extensive knowledge of the glacier and area.

How deep is Portage Lake Alaska?

Portage Lake at its deepest is 800ft! Considering the shoreline is only 150ft above sea level that is an impressive feat!

Will I see the Northern Lights in Alaska in the summer?

It is too bright to see the Northern Lights in Alaska’s summer months, but we can start to see them again in early September.

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